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100 thoughts on “Wife Swap S11E00 Brexit Special. Buy Modalert online

  • it all comes to education, less educated one is, less they understand and less are willing see someone else point of view. there are few more things but I don't wanna go into race, country of origin. etc…

  • And the brown have invaded and are raping, killing, demanding sharia law, chant that all cops should be killed, spit on women because of how they dress and they want everyone to be Muslim! Oh and they live off the government…. yea being “open minded” didn’t exactly work out for ya.

  • I,m just going to put this here? I have lived in Spain for ten years and when I moved here it was made clear that I had to have enought money to support myself? If I had a job ,which I did,I wouldn,t be eligible for unemployment benefit for five years until I had paid enough in to the system?I thought this was more than fair! Why have the British Government not done this and if they have ,why be quiet about it? It is,t EU rules it,s up to your own government that you voted in to change things.Wake up, the Tories ain,t interested in you if you earn less that a million per year!

  • 12 commercials just to start the video. 5 min in I get 2 more commercials. This is going to be the longest u tube video in history. I'm thinking this video is on the tubes watch list.

  • Too much talking/fighting /arguments. Go to the boxing ring give a punch each other. Ur all many things to say.bla bla bla. Ur too much mean to ur different country.

  • Who's to say the woman at the table telling her tale on being the''VICTIM'' is the truth .. I would have to see it with my own eyes to believe that one.

  • LOL it's European food beouf borgouon, or otherwise known for decades beef in red wine, fuck I am 50 and my mum made this when I was a kid lol. Jeez the nouveau Europeans make me die with laughter at their pretentiousness

  • Political correctness going mad? And then the woman who is a guest gets all in the face of the other woman saying political correctness us not about being rude? Honestly, does she not see her hypocrisy?

  • OMG look at the remainer propoganda, thought they were the supposedly intelligent ones, there is and never had been a movement to deport working EU nationals, in fact quite the opposite, it is the rest of the EU who are threatening to throw out Brits. That lady at the table if she as she claims us working and paying taxes, us not going anywhere, she just might have to fill out a couple of forms, so what?

  • Comments are all about how the remain side were horrible but I'm seeing worse from the brexiters! They're basically saying they don't have facts on their side but only feelings, and then just overtalk with useless personal anecdotes

  • Andrea is not a victim of UK politics, Andrea is a victim of Mrs. Merkels politics. Because ofc it is a huge difference if you have people from Poland or other Christian parts of eastern Eurpoe immigrating or if you have an invasion of archaics from a culture not comparable to our European values. Greetings from Germany.

  • Wow the " friend" of the woman from Germany is rude – problem is people don't listen to one another
    I have found in political discussions the problems with miscommunication come from people on both sides

  • The woman for the EU(German Lady)is wrong about immigrants receiving council housing because I just watched an episode from "How to get a council house." I saw a man from Romania with 6 kids and a wife…get a house the same day…He actually went back to Romania to bring his wife and kids to England. That puts a British person out of housing…I guess he was squatting in London…and decided hey, "We are starving in Romania so I am going back to get my family". They were not even citizens and received a pretty nice house. They told him that he had to work…He still did not attempt to find a job 5 weeks later after receiving that English house. On the very same episode I see British citizens turned down for housing. One English guy had to sleep in a bathroom near a toilet. The council said "That certain people have higher priorities." Seriously? The Council is giving priority to foreigners and meanwhile allowing British families to go out on the streets…The weather is freezing……What happens to patriotism? What people don't believe in protecting their nationals? I'll tell you what…Jesus is coming soon! I am from the United States by the way….Our country does not treat their citizens like that…For now while Trump is president the citizens in this country do take priority. I know people don't like him but he does not want this country to turn out like other countries with massive poverty taking our homes and food out of the citizens mouths. Many people died so that Americans could have independence. But I seen that show about Council houses… Pregnant girls thrown on the streets…Girls with 2 year old toddlers made to be homeless because there is not enough houses going around…The British know that immigrants are taking their homes…Every episode at least one person complained…about the immigration problem. That is why Trump wants to build a big wall to keep immigrants out…Don't get me wrong. The left side of our Country are just as stupid as Those who believe in the EU.

  • looking at this program…these are are the same people who speak of brisitish empire,,how dare you refer to Pakistanis and inidians and west indian as ,migrant. ..they were the builder of your fricking :british empire that you are soo proud,,,they build your country ,,how dare you..they fought and funded your wars and build your instuition,, get a damn education and show some respect for their sacrifice, they are just as British as you.. damn it.

  • looking at this program…these are are the same people who speak of brisitish empire,,how dare you refer to Pakistanis and inidians and west indian as ,migrant. ..they were the builder of your fricking :british empire that you are soo proud,,,they build your country ,,how dare you..they fought and funded your wars and build your instuition,, get a damn education and show some respect for their sacrifice, they are just as British as you.. damn it.

  • Typical. Make one side look like intolerable racist's and edit out any negative from the other side. Also typical are wealthy Democrats who have the "I'm always the smartest in the room" personality but who also have no clue what life is like for the average person. The reason Brexit won is because the immigrants they insisted on trucking in refuse to integrate with society, have no skills and commit a disproportionate amount of crime and depress wages because they are willing to work for longer for less while also claiming benefits. All you have to do is look at the knife crime and the people responsible for it, to understand why people voted leave.

  • You felted moved when listening to her? Why? Because her skin looks like yours? This woman is clearly racist and had a moment where she felt bad for someone who looked like her. Ridiculous.

  • Look at the difference between the brexit wive and remain the brexit wive is nice and understanding the remain is nasty and not understanding

  • Someone please explain the situation between both places? (sorry, i don't pay attention. That is my fault) And what does Anti Brown Skin mean? thank you

  • I’m the most liberal person ever, but that was completely disrespectful the way that woman with the glasses reacted. You have receive as much as you are giving away. You can’t just spout out your beliefs without trying to listen and understand others

  • The side doesn't matter, its the overall country direction, needs & goals that matter. 

    Eg baby boom generation retiring requires skilled migrants who have english speaking skills or the British standard of living & economy will suffer. However, unskilled refugees/migrants without language & working capacity requires capping because they are an economic burden on mass. Illegal immigration requires a crackdown bcs those ppl are an economic, criminal, cultural & social burden. Assimilation & ghettos are a complex issue that require a multi factorial approach. 

    Ultimately the upper classes are least changed by migrants & therefore least motivated to make changes but they still suffer collectively through e.g. the economy. Upper classes are also terrified as being labeled racist & loosing the political support of ethnically diverse Britons. Basically it's in their political interest to appeal to as many types of people as possible. The ethnically diverse are a significant enough number to be pandered to.

    Immigration isn't a problem in itself, its the dynamic management of it over time, to meet the needs of Briton, that's of high importance. The lower class, disabled, sick, orphaned etc do need better quality support services & incentives to develop themselves, their families, productivity & efficiency.

  • "29:30 "She's go the 'ump." (Very British, excellent.) "…Tough." (Very British, good.) and then… "Que sera, sera." (??!!!) and worse… "When in Rome…" (???!!!!!!!) WHAT KIND OF CONFUSION ARE YOU IN LAD????!!!!

  • English people don't travel the world and settle in foreign cities and try to make those cities and streets Little Britain dominating areas and elbowing people out. So why do we let foreigners come and do that to our London Town?
    My heart is absolutely broken and I am ashamed of the British leaders and lawmakers. These foolish, teary-eyed saviors of the world should be made to take refugees/immigrants into their own homes!

  • They are using the same tactics to divide us in the US. We should ban together as one. They want to divide us. We fall if divided but stand if United.

  • You weren't homeless because of immigrants boney. It is your own problems, not others. Poor excuse and I did not get her point. Thank God the young girl did not feel that way. Racist bigoted and hateful towards others.

  • I'm gonna rant. If your a parent and think your better then anyone cause of that or think your smarter theres 16 year olds pregnte and dont know about life at all so just cause you got kids DOSE NOT MEAN YOU ARE SHIT OR SMARTER THEN ANYONE. thank you have a good rest of your. Damn day.

  • 30:15 so you're holding a party, something nobody was ever stopping you from doing, to show that leaving the EU is a good thing??

    Leavers confuse me: they have opinions, but no facts. They shout when given facts that directly contradict their opinions, and keep repeating the same disproven opinion like it means anything other than they're ignorant.

    And still our politicians pander to these idiots.


  • I actually love how they choose a migrant but a white lady from Germany. She probably had an easier and wealthier life before she came to the UK, she’s just there because she probably loves the UK just the same.

  • We're all humans. We all live on planet earth. Soil is soil. The location of it isn't yours by birthright simply because you were born in a certain place, your country is not an ownership. Every human being should have the right to exist wherever they are or go. But I guess that is too idealistic. Humans will always want to rule, dictate, that is why we have countries, after all. Borders created by humans to divide the soil on this planet so they get a say over it. Overcoming those borders by uniting was a great thing, so I also feel Brexit is a step back from co-existing like that.

    And what does WWII even have to do with wanting to support Brexit? Because Germans led the war, German immigrants who've never done wrong are supposed to buzz off and they're supposed to be cool with and understand this because of some UK veterans singing? Those vets fought for peace, so how is a divide going to works further towards that? Why weren't those vets asked what their actual stance on it all was? They may actually be against Brexit too. And correct me if I am wrong, but it was a world war, so they fought for world peace, not just for their country, right? And during the war, weren't all kinds of countries helping each other out as well? Now what happens if there is a war? The UK will be left fending for itself? I hope not, because clearly not everyone agrees with the divide, but… honestly, if you push others away you can't expect them to come bail you out when the going gets tough.

    But I do agree it's awful how some traditional things are banned due to immigrants. Live and let live is too hard to do, for both sides, unfortunately. I am cool with immigrants living here and wanting to stick to their customs. I'm cool with them erecting yet another mosque even though 15 years ago we had none. I actually LOVE the cultural diversity, honestly. I can get a taste of so many different cultures and I don't even have to go on an expensive trip for it!

    But I am not cool with the complaining and wanting to ban some of our cultural customs though. I accept those of other cultures, please accept mine too, it's only fair. It should be equally respected and accepted, from whomever, wherever. But sadly that isn't happening. I am not British, but I am an European, and I face this issue where I live as well. But this is an issue that is world wide, even on the internet. A person can't say or do something without it getting taken out of context and/or someone dubbing it offensive just as some customs that were never an issue are suddenly claimed to be racist where they aren't, but because some immigrants go on a riot saying THEY feel that way, it has to change.

    In my opinion, immigrants can do what they want and they're welcome, but they should also respect and let the native folk do what they've been doing their whole life as well. No harm, no foul. But people just can't respect a difference in values, morals. People want to be accepted, but then can't accept things from those who differ from what is the norm for them. It's not where someone's from that is the issue, ever, it's the mindset of so many humans in general who can't just let others be the way they are, do the things they do, even if it isn't even hurting anyone because someone will just claim it hurts them anyway. This happens online, it's done by residents, immigrants, it doesn't matter, it happens. It's sad to realize that in the end no divide nor unification can fix that, because people will always be people; incorrigible.

  • I`ve worked in immigration as a counsellor 14 years, I can say the REmainer lady is lying. Asylum seekers do receive benefits and housing and UK has an obligation under the EU to accommodate them. Europeans will only be given residence if they can prove they are working in the UK, as soon as they receive their 5 years residence permit, they can claim benefits. The point is, be ware of the Guardian readers, either they do not know what they are talking about, but speak in slightly poshy accent as if they did, or they are know they are lying and have an agenda. The lady and her family are bloated with propaganda.

  • I feel like the way they describe xenophobia is such a first world way. Here in South Africa, xenophobia is killing each other and burning each other alive. And destroying peoples lively hood.

  • Immigrants should assimilate. Don't come then live in segregated communities, that's whats causing friction. But then again, England is paying for its centuries of occupying other people's countries. When the "Royal" family returns the stolen wealth to the countries they stole from then people will stop flocking to England. Also, poor whites have always existed. It's crazy that po' folks in U.S. and U.K. are acting as if they're poor because of immigrants. If all the immigrants left, there would still be poor whites and rich whites. Back in the day, the only rich white folks were the "Royal" families. These po' whites are delusional. The German wife is just spitting out leftist talking points, I bet she would NEVER live among the "colored" folks. And what a selfish bitch she is to want to leave her man and break up the family over politics…silly social justice warriors. German wife doesn't understand that to po' Brits, community and familiarity is everything.

  • She's right about british people being put first. A citizen of a country should have priority in that country. Immigration is hurting citizens. Cities only have so many resources to give to homeless people. When immigrants come they take those resources. Yeah immigrants are trying to make their lives better but in the process they ruin other people's chances of a better life. Resources like housing and money are limited.

  • It's interesting watching this as an American living abroad in Europe. The parallels between Brits for/against Brexit and Americans for/against Trump are uncanny. We can't understand where the other side is coming from. Just learned the equivalent of MAGA is "put the 'great' back in Britain."

    I think it's funny how the for Brexit family claims they're not racist but then the husband spouts comments like "this used to be a really good white area here"…kind of damning.
    Your privilege is showing, sir.

  • I'd choose the house/farm in Nottingham any day. I love living out in the country where you have freedom, not 5 feet away from your next door neighbor where you can't blast your favoriten music if you want. It's far more of a homey feeling, for myself that is.

    Also, is it common for U.K.ers to greet strangers with a peck on both cheeks? I can see if it's family but not a stranger. Handshake is good enough. The Nottingham Farmer is real good-looking. I love his hair, temperament, seems like a good guy.

  • BREXIT..the most boring topic. I wonder when its happening, this country is so crap, I was there last month on holiday, they really need to go, like yesterday, they dont fit to be in EU, dirty, its like a 4th world country to be honest….they colonized Africa, now its time they shut up and let Africans/black people take over!! London has more black people than white!! just awesome!!

  • So then what you are saying is you're all racist not even the color but where you come from. So sad I was born in America more Cherokee Indian but I have white skin I have a tiny bit of German and I've got a bit of Irish so on this show on this specific it's basically saying no one is accepted even by the color of your skin and is this Tamil sad stop judging by the color or where you came from we all bleed the same and in the end that's coming and he is watching us and how we interact with each other so stop it stupidity is ignorance within yourself love it's also in your heart not ignorance ignorance is just the trait but God is watching us at that moment when you feel weirded out and you get the hairs on the back of their neck that's God watching you

  • This video perfectly illustrates how intolerant and rude politically correct people are. They jump down your throats and claim racism. The irony is that most Europeans are white so I have no idea what they’re talking about. Xenophobia and racism are two different things.
    Secondly, I found it ironic how the German woman claims some Leavers are racist when Germany is one of the most unwelcoming countries I have ever been to. In comparison to Europe, Britain is one of the most tolerant countries with many nationalities.
    Pauline was so sweet and willing to listen.

  • My god that anti brexit woman is dillusional. Its not the polskis and germans or any other europeans that are the problem. They have been getting along for decades. They are skilled, work and contribute to the country duhh. Its the muslim and other religious extremist and socially backwards people that come over, dont give a shit about the host country, contribute nothing, leech off of the aid they get, demand laws be changed and have more rights then the natives of the country ffs. THAT is the threat to the country and other eu nations. Its the illusion of "diversity" that kills culture, tradition and identity of a nation. Kinda like political correctness is really just a way to censor people. The eu obviously forces sanctions against countries to push their agenda and dont give a rats ass about the nations. Aaand i wonder why countries want independence….deerp

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