What do you take with your afinil?

I’ve seen a number of people post different stacks and reasonings. I’m curious as to the science behind what you take alongside a Your afinil. Please start with type of afinil and dose along with height, weight, sex and age. If you take prescription drugs please label those as such. I think this type of format and we can post on each other’s posts with questions and suggestions and advice. If possible please include links to literature to back your suggestion in addition to experience. Some of you are i credibly knowledgeable on these things! A rough outline, I’m on mobile and can’t remember markdown. Male 5’11” 170lbs. 27 Afinil: armadofinil 50mg daily (has been as high as 150mg) Sertraline 150mg daily Lithium nightly. Caffeine: typically one espresso in the morning or two cold brew (two cold brew is too much caffeine) Location: I’m also in Arizona so lots of Powerade and occasionally potassium and iron. Occasionally a small Red Bull. Thoughts & Goals: I’m curious about getting more exact dosages for magnesium and other electrolytes. I’m also curious about specific caffeine doses and the popularity of other supplements. I need to be careful because I’m bipolar 1, however if a substance is by script only I may be able to have my doctor approve and write a script. He prescribes my armadofinil yet made me wait six months before giving it a try, so no abuse and script pushing doctor to worry about for me. How about you? Read More

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  • I’m 6ft 155lb and I take 100-200mg modafinil, a multi vitamin, 200mg of caffine and 2 cortex from cortex labs. I would experience weird fatigue and other side effects from modafinil sometimes until I started taking the cortex. That stuff sets everything so straight and make the day extra smooth. Would highly recommend.

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