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Armodafinil is a PRESCRIPTION ONLY drug in the United States. If you live within an area where it is illegal to use modafinil while not under the care of a physician, you should always follow the law to ensure your safety and security. Armodafinil is also an amazing nootropic and challenges the space time continuum and turns you into a whirlwind of awesome that simply does amazing things! More info: From Nootriment: “Armodafinil is sold as a prescription drug under the names Waklert and Nuvigil and has been approved in the USA by the FDA since 2007. According to its manufacturers Cephalon, Inc., an estimated 1.6 million users have purchased Armodafinil in the last three years. The drug itself is actually a derivative of Modafinil with many similar effects but a slightly higher potency level. Which one you use is a matter of personal preference, but many people think that Armodafinil provides a better stimulant effect and that it lasts longer. The clinical uses for Armodafinil are extensive, but it is also commonly used for off-label purposes as a cognitive enhancer by the nootropic community. While many people who take Armodafinil do in fact have a medical need for the drug, it is also uses as a brain booster in non-clinical settings. If you have been experiencing consistent fatigue or even brain fod, then Armodafinil could be a major help for you. This is due to a wide range of cognitive enhancing effects. Taking Armodafinil is known to greatly improved concentration and focus. People who use this drug also report that they experience improved reasoning and the ability to create mental connections faster. Some say it puts them into flow-like state where they are able to accomplish just about anything they set their minds to. Enhanced mood and higher levels of confidence and motivation are additional benefits.”

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