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The main reason I’m taking Modafinil is because I have a 3 hour drive for work tomorrow starting at 3:00pm (I get super tired driving), and then probably 2 or 3 hours of work after my drive. I used to take 20 mg of Adderall for drives like these but decided to try Modafinil. Looking at other posts it seems like the best idea is to take 100 mg since it’s my first time. I’m wondering if it’s a better idea to take 100mg around noon, or to take 100mg when I wake up, see how it goes and possibly take another 100mg around noon. I have probably a 14 hour work day following tomorrow so I don’t want to be up late. When I used to take Adderall for drives like these I would normally take it in the morning, then smoke weed to fall asleep at a decent time. So I’m wondering if it will be similar to that. Read More

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