First time

So today I got my first Modafinil pils. I have cut one pill in quarters, currently on a medical leave, so I just wanted to try its effects with a small dose of 50mg which I took at like 10AM. Felt pretty focused. On playing video games. Spent playing GTA V almost all day. Now…

Adverse side effects of Armodafinil

Hi All, Yesterday my consultant doctor gave me Armodafinil, 3 weeks worth, and i took 125g. I took it at 10am but by 12pm i felt weird and unusal, it turned out to be agitation and irritability, and since then, i have been so infuriated and angry at just anything and everything, like slow computers,…

Dissociation and illness

I used Modalert 100 mg, expecting effects in an hour or so to get working on a project of mine. After 3 hours I was drowsy, anxious and sneezing uncontrollably. Figured it was just allergies, I decided to take another 100 mg tab (Not the best decision but bear with me) Turns out I had…

Modafinil for waking up

Hey. I’m trying to figure out a way to delay the release of modafinil do I can take it at night when I go to bed and have it in my bloodstream when my alarm goes off. Any idea how to do a 5-6 hour delayed tablet? Read More

Modafinil & anti-depressants

Anyone here taking antidepressants like Zoloft , prozac, etc, and Moda? I haven’t found any serious drug interactions between SSRIs and Modafinil, but I’m wondering about any personal experiences. Side effects? Do they mix well or not, etc. Read More

Fever and anxiety

I took too much (400mg) and now I'm feeling extremely anxious, scared and nervous for no reason, I also have a fever and I feel horrible. I know that taking this much was a mistake, but anyone know how I can get out of this other than sleeping? I have alot of things to do…


So I know there are test kits that you can use to test drugs such as MDMA LSD ECT. To see if they are real or not. But my question is has any one ever found a kit to test Modafinil or know if the kids used for mdma will work for modafinil Read More