Starting Regular Dosage

I'm planning on starting a regular dosage of moda to keep myself active/awake for most part of the day! My job takes 12-13 hours of my day, and I get very less time to practice my other interests (and to exercise) 2 questions: 1. Will modafinil help me be active after I take a dose as soon as I wake up 2. Will regular doses help me wake up early? 3. I get modalert in my country, has anyone tried it? (I'm planning on getting the 100mg one) Read More

2 thoughts on “Starting Regular Dosage

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  • 1. Moda takes a little bit to get adjusted to your body. After about two weeks of regular use you should feel it within 30 minutes if you take one right when you wake up, with peak moda being 6 hrs later. Moda lasts 12-15 hrs. I would only take it the days you work, having an off day (such as the weekend) is good when taking moda.

    2. Moda won’t really help you wake up early, I wouldn’t take any after the morning time, as late doses cause restlessness. I would take melatonin 30 min before bed time and make sure you’re getting 7-8 hours of sleep. Going to bed and waking up at the same time will help you more than moda. However, Moda will help you fell woken up after you wake up.

    3. Modalert is the brand I have (200mg tablets), I like modalert the best as it is pure moda. If you feel that 100mg isn’t doing much after a few weeks, it is safe to increase to 200mg. However many people say 100mg is the sweet spot, but results differ from person to person

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