Started modafinil today

I started modafinil to see if it would help me concentrate and perform better. This morning I took about 33mg. I am short and wanted to start small just in case. I am hoping this will help with my social anxiety as well since I read that it has shown to help some people with that. How often should i take it?? Any advice for a new modafinil user? Read More

3 thoughts on “Started modafinil today

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  • I’d take half in the morning and half later to see how it’s going. Take it with grapefruit juice if you want to speed its progress. Everybody has their own level of uptake so you’ll have to experiment a bit to find yours. I take about 50mg a day and it’s more than enough for me. I take it to help me focus at work but it has had a nice side effect of lifting my mood and giving me the endurance to exercise regularly in addition to work which probably also is elevating my mood.

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