SJS susceptibility

Hi everybody. Forgive me if it's been asked before or if this isn't the right place. I've been thinking about getting on the Modafinil train for a while now and have been doing my best to research it. After seeing the images and reading about SJS (Stevens-Johnson Syndrome) I'm still trying to wrap my head around the susceptibility of the condition. I'm acutely aware that certain medications, including Modafinil, can trigger SJS in those who are susceptible. I'm aware of the genetic testing you can do in advance but it's the final step in the road, so I thought I'd ask others. My tired mind can't figure out if it's a case of: You have SJS and ANY of the medications reported could cause it. Or You have SJS and it's only when you try a certain one, then it's triggered. I.e you can take Ibuprofen & Paracetamol fine but it's only when you try something new, ala Modafinil, that the condition is triggered. Sorry if it's confusing, I need my sleep. Thanks for any information. Read More

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  • From what I gather based on basic Wikipedia stuff is you can have a predisposition to SJS based on your immune system, kinda like an allergy. You can be tested to see if you are susceptible to it. It seems to me you could be susceptible to it and never get it. Overall it doesn’t seem particularly common as there are a lot of common drugs that trigger it.

    In other words, you would probably already know if you’re at risk. That said, if you’re worried you could probably get tested to see if you’re at risk or you may have already been tested as a kid.

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