Permanemt tolerance

Study says modafinil doesnt create any tolerance. My and many other peoples experience is exact opposite, modafinil causes permanent tolerance. The tolerance increases slowly but it never goes down. Permanent tolerance is sign of permanent brain changes and since we still dont fully understand how moda works, that makes me worried. What is even worse, modafinil has cross tolerance effect for, once it stopped working, amphetamines and phenydates stopped working too. Only thing that kind of works anymore is cocaine and nicotine. ‚Äč I tried RC phenidates 4f-MPH, Isopropylphenidate and RC amphetamine 2-FMA and also some street meth I believed was fake but now I am not so sure anymore. Basically they all make me tired and sleepy with cold hand and feet vasocontriction. Today I took 150mg armodafinil after 2 month modafinil break and it has zero positive effects, just tired and cold. I suspect the modafinil and armodafinik I took over the course of 15 months permanently fucked my brain is some mysterious way that ruined most of other stimulant drugs for me. Read More

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  • The tolerance is not permanent. I used modafinil for 1.5 years almost daily, with dosages between 400mg to 600mg. In the end a single pill didn’t do anything. It was either a double pill or a triple. Used modvigil as for some reason this brand gave me better effects.

    I stopped a few times within the 1.5 years, ranging between a week to 2 to 3 weeks. My tolerance didn’t seem to go down if at all.

    I then stopped taking it for 3 months. I took my first half pill (100mg) a week ago or bit longer and it hit me like it used to when I first started, I even had slight anxiety at one point because the effects were quite strong. Still on half a pill now, only taking it every 2 days unless I really need it.

    Your tolerance does go down but it will take a lot longer than anything else.

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