I need advice

Hello, I've been interested in taking modafinil for quite some time now, the only problem is that where I live I need a medical prescription and I'm almost sure my doctor won't give me one. What can I do in this case? Thank you for reading! 🙂 Read More

Strange reaction to Armodafinil

Does anyone else start inadvertently sighing a few hours after taking Armodafinil? I take Artvigil occasionally and I’ve always been amused at this reaction. It’s usually as the drug is at full effect. I don’t really sigh at all otherwise so it’s very noticeable. I have no other reactions when taking it. Read More

Modafinil – TBARS and Oxidative Stress

Hello, I've not posted here before, I take Moda (200 mg) M-F for nootropic effects, and I'm diagnosed with Narcolepsy, so there's that. Anyway, I love to study pharmacology/pharmacokinetics, and I love Modafinil. However, I came across this study, and maybe some people here can add validity to it or knowledge in layman's terms? Study:…

Has anybody experienced chest pain?

I've been on Modafinil for about 2-3 weeks and I feel some kind of pain in my chest. It's quite low intensity so I don't feel like I'm in any big danger. I actually mentioned it to a sleep doctor and he said it can be normal because I had been on the CPAP (actually…

Is it safe to take Modafinil if I’m taking Bacopa?

"Grapefruit juice irreversibly inhibits the intestinal CYP3A4, but not the one in the liver, therefore it can lead to toxicity with some drugs which get metabolized this way. Modafinil get's metabolized in the liver, "largely via amide hydrolysis, with lesser contributions from cytochrome P450 (CYP)-mediated oxidative pathways." It also induces CYP1A2, CYP2B6 and CYP3A4 activities…