My first experience with modafinil

So the psychiatrist in my school diagnose me with ADHD and when I said I dont like being dependent on pills he prescribed moda to me and said it is milder than other stuff. And I took it… 100 mgr and I feel high..? Not like weed high but just so damn happy and kinda confident? Like I say things to people that I would normally be too shy to say and feel optimistic in general. Which all good and dandy but guys none of those is ideal for studying… I mean I feel too damn happy and optimistic and “things will be okay dont worry” and tooo energetic to actually study. I literally looked at the sky for half an hour and thought how amazing that clouds exist and how beautiful they are…. wtf? Did any of you had a similar experience? Read More

2 thoughts on “My first experience with modafinil

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