Pharyngitis on modafinil

I have to go through sore throat/pharyngitis/tonsillitis (usually with fever) everytime I dose regular/daily modafinil. Is this preventable or a common occurance? If so anyone would know the mechanism as it may be histaminergic or glutaminergic. Read More

What does it feel like?

Exactly the title question. Can anyone describe what talking Modafinil feels like? Can you compare it to something? I know it's a strange question, and most likely it ranges from person to person… I'm just curious Read More

How do you sleep?

I tried cutting the dosage by half, and 25hours later I still can’t sleep. I can’t do anything productive either because I’m tired with a huge headache. How do some of you combat this? Sleeping pills not an option, I already take melatonin. I meditated. I did breathing g exercises. Read More

How much water do you drink?

I am curious how much water everyone drinks when they are on modafinil. I wonder if I am actually drinking too much. I read somewhere that drinking too much water can actually increase your blood pressure. Of course, dehydration also increases it. So I am wondering how much you drink or if there are any…

Should I be concerned?

Have had dry lips for some a few weeks. Anyway I took modafinil for the first some this morning and my lips just split while I was touching it with my nail. This has never happened before but I guess it could just be a coincidence. Should I be concerned? Read More

rs4680 A/A experiences?

Hey guys, I've been researching modafinil for some time, which lead me to various research and discussions about how the A/A version of the rs4680 gene can render modafinil ineffective and sure enough I happen to have the A/A version according to 23andme. I was wondering if any of you with A/A have tried modafinil…

Modafinil and Alcohol

So I'm sure this has been answered before but what are your experiences with mixing the 2. I'm going to a music festival tonight and I want to be able to drink. Nothing crazy, just a couple of beers maybe. I should also mention this is my first time taking modafinil. Took 100mg at about…

Dosage for pulling an all nighter?

As the title says. Has anyone experimented with this can share an insight? I'm not regular moda user, only once or twice a week at most when coffee + l-theanine doesn't do it. I have a very rare event where I have to stay alert for about 20 hours. What's the recommended amount? 200mg/12hrs? Or…