2 thoughts on “Modafinil vs. Ritalin vs. Adderrall – Can Smart Drugs Make You Dumber?

  • All of the above can make you have brain fog. This side effect is listed on all of these drugs. There was a time I took Modafinil (which was prescribed for my for sleep disorder) and I was wide awake, finished studying for an exam, but could not get things I studied out of my brain (if it makes any sense). My brain was really foggy. One thing I found in neutralizing this horrible side effect is taking Alpha GPC with Modafinil. Similarly, taking Magnesium threonate (touted to increase memory, no diarrhea) works similarly as Alpha GPC. I have not tried combining Alpha GPC with magnesium threonate in combating brain fog.Similarly, magnesium thrreonate combats the jitteriness of Modafinil.

    Modafinil indeed will cause drug resistance. Brain fog becomes worse. Just don' t take it everyday. I have yet to start with phenypiracetam to use as an alternative to Modafinil. I have tried Guarana capsule 200mg in lieu of Modafinil and it helps in being awake without the brain fog.

  • Great content…definitely helping those contemplating different nootropics/medications. And your someone I can def relate to. Not one of those wierd nootropic youtubers but a normal guy making a real living.

    I have had anxiety and attention issues. You mention having used Modafanil Wellbutrin Ritalin etc…Which do you rate highest.in terms of effectiveness as well as sustainability and everything else? My doc proposed adderall or wellbutrin when I mentioned Modafanil. Any thoughts? Compliments for the great content. Cheers.

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