Modafinil and food

I have been taking modafinil for five days now, 200mg first thing in the morning. I am still trying to find the right timing and dosage. However, I am finding that eating is becoming an issue for me. I go to the gym 4 to 5 times a week, and I make sure to stay extremely hydrated. However, modafinil completely kills my appetite. I realized that I haven’t eaten nearly enough this week—just one small meal in the evenings. This afternoon I had the shakes, and my muscles were really weak, and my coordination was off. I went to the gym but was too weak to lift weights. So I forced myself to eat a big, healthy meal. I then felt a lot better. I also felt that eating kind of slowed me down and killed the effect of modafinil. Have others had this same issue with modafinil? Do you have any general advice for how to manage my meals and workouts while taking modafinil? Read More

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  • First of all, try reducing your dosage. 100mg works for many, so half a pill.

    Second of all, I think you already did the right thing: Force yourself.

    I also find it difficult to eat when on Modafinil. Add some sport and I’m struggling to get my 3-5 meals in. I resort to eating by the clock: Breakfast around 8, Lunch around 12, Dinner around 6. Add small snacks (fruit, nuts) to fill up any caloric deficit you might feel in between. Protein shakes also help to get more energy in.

    If I don’t eat or drink enough I actually loose energy and focus and I can’t sleep. However I feel that eating on a forced schedule no-questions-asked really helps alot. Also the negative effects such as lack of appetite change with the times. Really strange actually, but things might be different after a couple of weeks for you.

    If you crash after food you might want to drink a coffee or a green tea. It gives the whole thing a new punch. I only do that shortly after lunch though because otherwise I can’t sleep at night.

    You might also want to supplement with a choline source and L-Theanine (against anxiousness, especially when using coffee).

    Hope that helps!

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