Moda and opiates…

So let me start off by saying I'm really new to the whole modafinil experience. Like two days in. Yesterday I dosed 200mg first thing in the morning and didn't feel shit. Nothing, nada not a damn thing. Today I woke up and dosed 400mgs, same issue. But then I got to thinking I've been on opiates the past few days too. Common Sense tells me that this would cause my Moda not to work as well. but I'm also worried because the moda I got is from India and does not have a bitter taste. I contacted my seller to tell them I thought it might be fake and they basically reemed me a new asshole saying it was directly from the pharmacy and it was definitely real. What kind of effects does Moda have on opiates and vice versa.From what I gathered from Google it can make the opiates weaker but it didn't say anything about not feeling the moda. obviously I'm going to try to do some on a day where i'm not doing any other drugs and see what happens but maybe I'm just expecting too much from Moda. Any thoughts or advice would be well appreciated thanks guys! another thing is that the seller I get it from is always legit with their etizolam so I really have no reason not to believe them. Help!? Read More

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