Military Taking Drugs to Stay Awake for 90 Hours

“All over the world, scientists are experimenting on soldiers to keep them awake beyond the limits of normal endurance. Researchers are engineering, and …

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  • That's really the kicker isn't it?
    I mean if we take the example of afghanistan

    If we had just actually committed to it in the begining with over whelming force, cornered and killed bin laden and just left.

    liberals like you would cry a scream about how bad all the poor afghani's have it living under an islamic dictatorship and how the US didn't do anything about it.

    But seeing that we've spent 10 years trying to get these people not to mistreat each other, people like u still cry.

  • @Phil Rose Cont

    It'd be nice if you just had the honesty to just admit that you'd use it for the sake of political reasons which ever way it was.

  • People like me? How do you know who I am? I am a socialist not a liberal. I just believe in democracy and the rule of law which is why I thought OBL should have been tried and not just assassinated and why, when the majority of Afghans are opposed to being arbitrarily slaughtered by an imperialist force that force should fuck right off. But that's the kicker, isn't it? If the US were invaded and occupied by a foreign power conservatives like you would cry.

  • Anyway, if you can't debate rationally without falling back to personal attacks I'm done with you and will ignore any more shite you put here. Good day sir. I SAID, good day.

  • I'll bet. But aren't you glad you didn't now? I mean, 90 hours? That can't be good, right? Tweakers do 48-72 & by the end they see things. This just seems like a bad idea to me. And honestly, I can see this costing lives. How on the ball can you expect to be when you've been up for four days? What kind of anxiety do you think that would cause? Nah man, you're good. You don't need that shit. Get as trained as you can and operate as naturally as possible. You don't need to be less safe over there.

  • First, no one is disregarding her points due to that comment, only you.On the contrary, I find her to be insightful & intelligent. If anyone one is dismissing her, it's you for misdirecting an innocuous comment then reading into it what you've choose to. When did it become patronizing to compliment a person for being sagacious & elegant? Feminism is important but it will jump the shark if debates con't to be over inconsequential & rather asinine matters. *pups* quite funny.

  • they dont exaclty have to stay up day and night either do then…. drone "driver" is very easy to replace with someone else

    this cannot even come close to be compared to being out on the field

  • Not sure about the content of cough medicine there, but here (In Finland) downing a bottle is a terrible idea, you'd have stomach problems for a week and the high will be altered by constant throwing up. You're right, DXM extraction is not difficult at all, just takes a little time, basically just need pure gasoline and citric acid and you're good to go. Environment makes a lot of difference, on the topic, I just scored some major LSD & MDMA for free, going to be one hell of a weekend 🙂

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  • Just wanted to point out I'm a lefty who doesn't endorse or encourage this type of shit. Psychedelics are still probably the safest and, as a testament of our society's general stupidity, most demonized class of narcotics. Having grounded your arguments in thorough reasoning and research is not a left or right thing (cause you're actually bad at it), it's honestly a very general value that I honestly see many people claim to cherish, and too few actually honor.

  • The greatest military victories in history were won by the brain, not the brawn. The US soldiers are going to be even worse troops than before…

  • No, riding to the rescue like a white knight is. She & many women are perfectly capable of discerning & or defending themselves accordingly depending on the situation. Believe it or not, many women don't need the white knight & or the ubiquitous shoulder to cry on. Not only was it original comment benign but it also appears to be self serving for you to rebut it. Hence, the white knight reference. BTW, the screen name you've chosen is apt, given the situation.

  • yea like 10% of people approve of war but every taxpayer fucking pays the b2 bomber costs more than its weight in gold. Why to take out saddam that we supported for years.

  • look, I'm not interested in your lil reddit/4chan meme nor your bizarre take on things. Ironically, you lot are reading far more into things than I as is your wont. I'm not riding to anyone's rescue unless it be to the rescue of threads from dumb comments that are irrelevant to the conversation at hand.

  • Methamphetamin was popularized by the nazis, who invented new ways to produce it efficiently and produced enormous quantities to keep soldiers and pilots awake and alert.

    I can't see any way developing new "performance enhancing drugs" won't enhance trade in illegal drugs; and that's particularly true if they work well, even if all kinds of nasty side effects come later.

  • They sent people to make sure I was falling asleep. I heard them talk about me outside of my window. They remotely controlled my body and made me pick up the video, 'I Want to Believe," essentially framing me. I'm okay with all of that, but now I would like them to fix all the consequences of their weapons.

  • The only problem was that the weapons made me psychOtic. They damaged my brain, even though they got me to do what they wanted. They came into my thoughts and everything else.

  • This is all Bullshit. They are just taking away public power. How can u fools not see! First the guns, now our rights, now these drugs, dumbing down American society by media and music and trends. This is just a simple step of taking over. It's pretty sad. The Americans alive today are totally different then the patriots back in the day. Too spoiled to realise the truth of government takeover…

  • nobody is at war with the usa…
    usa is at war with some countries for some reasons only morons would agree to go to war for!!
    what was it again: Iraq for WMD`s/ OBL! not found/dead long time ago!
    what is next? going to war with iran for planing to build the A-bomb?
    Russia for haboring Snowden?
    take some more drugs and see how not sleeping 90 hours affect your brain capacity 🙂

  • Oh my gawd! Has this woman even asked soldiers about their experiences because im sure the guys' commanders are not handing out prescription speed like smarties! The soldiers often spend long periods awake! But 90 hours is more like the amount of time a sf or ranger would be awake on a mission. not the average soldier. and in that situation, they are highly trained and specifically trained to function through fatigue and stress for GOOD REASON LADY!!!! …

  • Because military necessity dictates optempo, not whether or not an individual has had their beauty sleep. Sometimes going for a week or two with two to three hour naps is what's required.

    I'd rather have the testing done on possible drugs that may enable an individual to function (probably not enjoy, it's a military life) during those times of necessity.

    Drones may be the future of war for the time being, but when the playing field equals out, it'll always be boots on ground.

  • We have a "war on drugs" but give drugs to our soldiers to fight wars. And 90 hours really isn't that long. i used to stay up 110-130 hours all the time. Remained functionable enough so that those around me had no idea. To them i was a "member of society." Not the criminal felon the law said i was. Why don't i have the right to decide what i choose to put in my body?

  • if you call bullshit on 130 hrs then you really won't believe my record of a 210 hr bender, Quite a few times i'd made it to the 6th night but just couldn't make it to the 7th morning. If i sat down i'd fall out. Then in March of 2004 i made it all the way to evening of day 9. Slept 10 hours and stayed up another 48, Its called speed, it keeps you from sleeping.

  • It is totally safe and totally fine 90 hours is not a problem just eat some food during that time and you will be fine. It's a million times better than having to stay up based on willpower. Yes the human body can withstand this no Prob. 

  • A person brain who has been awake for ninety hrs is definetly not going to function properly. It can be done but can you do the job your there to do?

  • So if a nuclear attack and ground war attack happens on the us and we are all asleep you guys are saying you don't want the military to stay up day after day fighting them off. Or else if they don't use
    Those drugs the whole us would be gone with everyone dead

  • I completely agree. Uppers, adderall or ritalin, meth they all effect me the same way. After I come down, my skin is extra oily and my eyes are blurry. Sometimes you need a downer, a benzo like Ativan or Kpin is perfect.

  • This is a really pathetic video. In the marines you spend 90 hours awake as part of training all the time. You do it with caffeine and a lot of people find it easy to do it drug free. The enemy doesn't give a shit about you getting you 8 hours every night and it's not like we make our guys do this every week.

  • the christian zombies like pervers armenian genozit victims and the christian destabilisation tools kurdians are using fenatyllin. europe russia and usa use it tl make their zombies like armenians and kurdians in middle east more useful.

  • Well seems like modafinil gives you a false perception of well being.
    Seems effective on winning though.
    You pay for your life force or vitality for that extra boost.

    But oh well life is a bitch its better to be a winner than to be a sore loser for life like the 99% of the people of this world.😀

  • I think you saying “I’m not a doctor” sums up this story very well. Maybe do some due diligence and interview credible doctors rather than just making uninformed assumptions that have judgement value. This piece has 0 intellectual value whatsoever when you have neither military experts or health experts on your farce of a show

  • She is worried about what a drug will do to the mental health of soldiers in a war in active combat? Don't worry, I'm pretty sure "war" will provide enough trauma. And anything that helps them cope with staying alive during that time is probably for advisable than not.

  • It increases your ability to sharpen skills and cut learning curves needed to produce more effective work and efficiencies. If the service member is misusing the prescribed medication it's because of physiological and physical addiction habits to keep meeting their own expectations of work that make them a key essential person in their organization.

  • You didn’t explain what Narcolepsy is correctly…
    the reason that narcoleptics are tired is because their brains never turn off. When they sleep they only sleep in rem so no matter how much they sleep they are sleep deprived

  • I heard about military training in sleep deprivation and gained false confidence when applying for a night shift job. Health is a big thing for me now I’m traumatized and want to withdrawal my application.

  • These drugs not only keeps them awake it sharpens their senses makes them physically stronger, like a Universal soldier, they are invisible if blood samples are medically tested and same drugs used by cyclists from a couple of particular countries in the 2012 Olympics, knowingly administered by their government departments.

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