Long-term effects of Modafinil

Hey, I am a long-term user of Modafinil (4 years) and would like to find out what other long-term users have experienced (positive and negative side effects). I am quite interested on what it actually does to our brain and body over a long period of usage and am curious if anyone can provide me with any scientific research (or similar?). So far, I can only speak from experience, and I am about to stop using Modafinil due to the negative side effects. I've been taking Modafinil for 4 years pretty much every day (with some breaks inbetween) and while I found it incredible in the first year (while I was still in University), I started to experience negative side effects, which makes me want to quit the drug completely. From my experience, positive effects include: Increase in productivity Interest to learn/study/experience new things Being alert and focused Feeling of having more energy after little sleep/hangover However, over the years, the negative side effects piled up: Increased anxiety Paranoia (especially in public places) Long-term memory loss Short-term memory problems Aphasia Hallucinations Weird body odour Increased sweating Weird sleeping patterns Eating problems (binge-eating or not eating for days) Blurry vision Lung problems (I am down with bronchitis at least 4 to 5 times a year) – otherwise coughing a lot Dental problems (swollen gums) Menstruational problems Hair loss Weight gain For the record, my dosage is usually around 200mg/day. Sometimes less, sometimes more. Dependancy has kicked in, and I feel the need to take more and more. That scares me. Overall I feel like I have changed a lot, looking back just 4 years ago, I don't recognise myself anymore. But as I've said, these are my experiences and I would love to hear from others what they have experienced in the long-term. I want to quit, but I am kind of scared that I won't be as productive anymore, and that it will just makes things worse. Like, my brain is so wired and I have no idea if I can go back and become my “old self”. I have no clue if I can rewire my brain. Any advice would be highly appreciated too. ​ Edit: I really want to emphasise that this is the experience I've had so far and do not bring across that Modafinil is bad or you shouldn't take it. This is really just for sharing experiences so I can learn and take any given advice into account. I highly appreciate everyone commenting and giving advice and sharing their experience. I also respect if I get downvoted for this or my comments, but I would highly appreciate the reason for it (I can only learn from criticism I can read, not from downvotes). Thank you! Read More

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  • I’d be interested to know if you took a break how many of the behaviors and efficiencies you developed over the last four years have become habits and you can still perform.

    Also have you tried different brands? I prefer Arma over moda but I’ve only been using it for about six months.

  • Is it prescribed? Have you considered doing a taper-down schedule?

    I’m out of the honeymoon phase with Moda, so have been decreasing dosage by 25mg each month. I’m ‘replacing’ with exercise and healthier habits to hopefully keep me motivated & stave off depression.

  • I’ve been a near daily user for almost 2 years now. The only real negative side effect I can speak to is my inability to sleep if I take moda too late in the day (which accounts for almost all of the other side effects you have listed.) That said.. I would hate to lose my hair and truly hope that isn’t something I have to look forward to.

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