Just starting Modafinil

Just a few questions I have any answers would be greatly appreciated Is there a first time high and if so what changes once you use the drug regularity from the first time? Any weight loss or appetite changes? Does it cause hair loss ? In your personal experience how much more energy do you have when you take it vs without it? Any other side effects you have? Also any other info would be great! Thanks! Read More

2 thoughts on “Just starting Modafinil

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  • Been using it for 3 days

    For me, I didn’t really feel a high, maybe because I used ritalin a few times the week before, or maybe it doesn’t have a “high” or euphoric effect.

    You will most likely lose some weight, though I find that I’m hungrier on it, some people have their appetite suppressed.

    The hair loss question I don’t know, I actually asked the same question on here earlier, and everyone said no from their experiences.

    Energy levels for me were massive. I haven’t felt an ounce of tiredness when using it. This increased my alertness, productivity and overall motivation throughout the days.

    I had a very mild headache on one of the days, nothing really noticeable.

    Tolerance is still questionable though, some people say they haven’t experienced it and some have. That’s a 50/50 for how sure I am about tolerance.

    Overall, a possible game changer!

    Hope this helps coming from a very new user 🙂

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