It’s making me dumb!!

First go around trying out flmodafinil, Order the powder. Keep in mind I am coming off of 60 to 90 mg daily of Adderall for a long Time so who knows what my brain is up to. However I love the flmodafinil because it’s actually keeping me awake enough to function normally at work, not fall asleep while driving, etc. However I am very very dumb! At work I have to do data entry, put big numbers in order, stuff like that not anything really hard. However I cannot get anything right!! I keep messin up everything badly. This is been since yesterday it’s getting very frustrating not sure what to do. I am also a Tianeptine so possibly that plays a role.. it’s never bothered me mentally before but I’ve also never taking it without my Adderall.. ugh Read More

3 thoughts on “It’s making me dumb!!

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  • UPDATE: I also feel so damn angry and annoyed unless I’m focused in on and doing some type of work. When one person comes up and interrupts me I want to hit him in the face ?! why ?..because I’m so dumb now I then cannot get back into whatever I was doing ..

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