I used Hydrafinil for the first time today and was eccited and expecting something like Adrafinil just stronger and boy was i in for a surprise!! I first tried 25mg just to test it if i am not allergic to it as i do it with all substances. I felt euphoric for so 2 mins or so and then have sedated feeling for 2 hours or so but not to strong. Then i did another so 35mg and the same thing happened but the euphoria lasted longer like 5-10 mins. Not very strong and was very disappointing that it's the opposite as Adrafinil. Then this evening i Took a 60mg and then this amazing experience happened. i felt euphoric for more than and hour and just felt very calm and centered. Just this amazing feeling of calm and well being!!! Lasted for as 3-4 hours and no crash atm still 🙂 Anyone have this kind of experience?? I am not sure what is going on if someone by accident send the me the stash of 100% coke or what. It even made my gums go numb like coke does, wtf. This was awesome and great. Not sure if i need what this chemical is giving my body or brain or what. Only worry is that thus chemical makes my gums numb and that can't be good. Any thoughts?? Read More

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  • This is the first time I heard about this… where did you get this? Looks like some unregulated research chemical related to the moda chemical class.

    Modafinil alone for me can be pretty mood-lifting and euphoric.

    From what you described, found the below research statement:

    ‘Comparative data from animal trials indicated that fluorenol exhibited ~39% greater eugeroic efficacy than modafinil over a short-term (4 hour) span.’

    [source ](https://mentalhealthdaily.com/2015/12/23/hydrafinil-fluorenol-a-modafinil-analogue-with-questionable-safety/)

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