Feeling excited about life?

I’ve been taking modafinil for hypersomnia (likely idiopathic, but that will be confirmed in a few weeks) for about a month. The thing I’m most struck by is a sense of joie de virve, or zest for life. I’m so curious if it’s because I’m finally released from my foggy cloud of sleepiness, or because of the medication itself. Does anyone else get this feeling? I’d love to hear from people who are on it for various reasons. For me, it’s just a little thrill that makes me want to stop and smell the flowers. I’ve been relatively house-bound for almost an entire year, so even having the energy to do anything but worry about staying alive has been really lovely. I have a concern/worry that modafinil isn’t just helping keep me awake. It’s hard to explain. I suppose I want to know if it’s helping my health problem or if it’s just giving my zombie-body a boost to help reanimate it a bit. I don’t want to mask an underlying cause. Read More

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  • What else have you tried?
    Changing your diet?
    Naturopathy to find what your body is lacking?
    Getting rid of your kids that don’t sleep and are draining you?
    Ok just joking on the last one, but do you feel this is a cheat sheet? Have you really asked yourself what you need?

  • I was just telling a guy i work with about it since he takes it too. Told him it makes me feel great, like emotionally great. It takes me out of my usual irritable, depressive funk, and i just overall enjoy everything and everyone im around. I get more sociable to the point i actually WANT to go out. Im happier at work when im on it.

    Definitely a mood booster for me.

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