Arma/moda bloating stomach mess diarrhea

Using armodafinil second time after the year (first time used about 4 months no side effects) and now started feeling these strange things hapening in the stomach. Do someone feel bloating, stomach pain had diarrhea? I am taking the pills in the morning 150 mg on empty stomach, but now starred to take it with food it helped a bit. Maybe some advice, foods to avoid mixing? Thanks. Read More

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  • Diarrhea is a common side effect as for as I know, I personally get it sometimes. However I can correlate it to the “cleanliness” of my diet. Did I splurge last night and eat a bunch of ice cream? Well chances are modaf is gunna send me to the potty. But if I didn’t eat a large bolus of sugar and/or gross fats then I can usually count on solid poops, although I might poop more than usually still.

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