Adrafinil help me beat cannabis

Going to try and keep this brief if that is at all possible. ​ Current age: 29 Diagnosis of ADHD. ​ drug use (legal): Ritalin, age 6-16 Adrafinil, age 26 to present Aniracetam, age 26 to present ​ drug use (illicit): Meth, once at 18. Salvia, twice at 19 Cannabis daily, age 19-26 ​ When I was in my youth I excelled at scholastic study. I graduated HS two years early at the age of 16, 4.0 GPA. I wanted to get off the Ritalin (this was a mistake, don't go off it!). This ended up causing serious implications in my life in terms of job and family. I ended up working dead end jobs leading nowhere, this caused crippling depression and anxiety as I had no coping skills. I ended up trying meth, didn't like it as it made me a zombie like Ritalin with a terrible crash, I never experienced euphoria from it either. I next tried cannabis, it was my drug of choice as it made me ignore all of my problems and removed my anxiety about life. This in hindsight was a terrible mistake, It made me slow and stupid and limited my work options. I was also irritable if I didn't get my fix and the people you hang around generally are unproductive members of society that are broke (mentally and economically). ​ This is also why I started working dead end jobs moving furniture and vending machines. It felt good doing this kind of work, but it did not pay well. I also knew I was more intelligent than those above me and beside me in this field of work. When you see your coworker using his fingers for basic addition, I knew i was in the wrong field. Most of those people smoke cannabis BTW, your movers are most definitely high when they are moving your stuff as these jobs don't drug test, and the vehicle weight of those trucks means the DOT is not involved with the drivers. ​ After numerous years of smoking cannabis, I bought Adrafinil on a whim so I could stay up longer and smoke. My first time taking it was during a wake and bake. Fired up a cup of coffee and took 300mg, afterwards I proceeded to smoke 2.5g of cannabis. Around 2 hours in I noticed I wasn't high from the cannabis, yet I was very awake and focused, the euphoria from the cannabis was non existent. I found this odd, however what I found rather revelatory was that I felt good when I was reading books. I mean, really good, I did not want that feeling to end. The euphoria was the same type you get when you finally grasp a difficult concept and get an A grade in class. I have dysphoria and generally feel nothing, even on cannabis. The book I had cracked open was titled, “Switchmode Power Supply Handbook” by Keith Billings and Taylor Morey that I had bought roughly a decade ago. I could understand what I was reading and more importantly I could sit still and read the whole 600 page book in a single afternoon. The effects of Adrafinil I had noted where very similar to Methylphenidate, minus the zombie mental state. ​ I just could not put the book down! I wanted to read more about Push-Pull topology and it's associated closed loop feedback control schemes. I then started to design SMPS and various power amplifiers (typically switchmode type). Normally whenever I would encounter a failure (which is typical in this field) I would be very angry and I would physically break things in my anger. This would build up my anxiety levels and I would be too afraid to start a project, let alone complete one. After the first time using adrafinil I had no interest in smoking cannabis, I also cut those people out of my life. I couldn't stand being around people that don't read books, don't have hobbies and are lazy. ​ I had gotten it in my head that all problems could be solved with the application of time and learned skill. After doing this for nearly a year, I knew I had become proficient enough in this niche field (designing 12v to +/- 100v 4kw PSU's are not easy). I then proceeded to try and sell one of my designs to a Chinese company. I made a decent amount of money, I made the same amount as my yearly pay as a mover, in one month with one design. I quit my day job the following day (no two weeks bullshit either, just up and quit), he was pissed, asked why and I told the owner, “I'm going to design and mfg electronics for a living, something you are incapable of comprehending, sir”. I about faced and walked out, didn't even bother cashing the last paycheck. After all I just made what I would have made in a year working for him in less than a month. Fast forward 3 years to today and I own my business designing electronics for car amplifier manufacturers under contract (NDA's prevent me from naming whom, but it's several of them). Now I work with people that are on an equal level of intelligence, which is a godsend. Working with people that are high/retarded for years on end is a major downer. ​ To this day three years later, Adrafinil still works. I take 600mg once in the morning, everyday. I have not noticed any tolerance and my liver enzymes are normal. ​ AMA Read More

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