Adrafinil does almost nothing for me, even at substantial dose

Heya, nootropics noob here. I have been self-medicating with many different substances to manage my ADD symptoms. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with bromantane and decided to try afinils because of their purported similarities in mechanism. Adrafinil was my first choice because it's easier and faster to procure in U.S. Everyone I referenced during research made it sound like adrafinil was basically the same thing as modafinil because it turns into modafinil in your body, so just need more dosing to work the same. At first day of dosing, I could feel enhanced verbal communication capacity, but that was about it. It's been a week since I started taking 300mg morning and 300mg noon, I feel NOTHING. I was at my wit's end last night and just to prove if adrafinil works as advertised, I took 600mg at 11pm. Then I slept like a baby for 7 hours. It also did NOT give me the sulfur urine smell like many people report on modafinil. Powder was clear white and odorless(tasted insanely bitter still), it did not have pink tinge or sulfur smell like internet's report on adrafinil powder. I have no idea if my batch is faulty or I am a non-responder to modafinil. Or maybe adrafinil just does not work as people say. Now waiting for my order of Modalert to arrive, hope the real deal will have some effect on me. Read More

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